About My Greenhill Adventure

My name is Meredith Williams: an environmentalist at heart, artist at gut and scientist at mind.

President of a company that designs and develops serviceable and robust electronic control systems for clean technologies,
I am also a daughter, sister, life-partner, step-mother, visual artist and a simple human who likes to play with her two dogs, garden, cook and hike through nature.
"Green Leaf", 2013, oil on watercolor paper, 5"x5", by Meredith Williams, MDW.

“Green Leaf”, 2013, oil on watercolor paper, 5″x5″, by Meredith Williams, MDW.

Greenhill EnviroTechnologies Inc.  is based in the beautiful rural community of  Greenhill, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are introducing a new clean-tech product line called Okapi Systems to help everyone deal with the rising financial, environmental and health costs of electricity and fuels used for home-heating, throughout the world.

I love company while I hike, so please join me on My Greenhill Adventure.
Make the Next Generation Proud  TM

2 thoughts on “About My Greenhill Adventure

    • Thank you for your comment, Norbert! I’m similar to you also in that I like to write about a lot of subjects. Keeping to only one subject matter is tough because of having such a vast amount of interests! But they are all connected and tied back to green living, in some way.


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