The Time Has Come!


The time has come when it is sad if you don’t have solar air heating panels on your home! The time has come when it is frowned upon if you don’t have solar hot water! The time has come when your neighbors are writing a petition to get you to stop burning so much fire-wood and polluting their air! The time has come when it is a crime to not do everything you can to live sustainably! The time has come when cases of “Criminal Negligence of the Environment” by governments, corporations and citizens alike are hitting the headlines around the world!

The “Trial of Suzuki” is a fantastic project to read and learn about. Check it out and become a participant!

Tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 2013, our Kickstarter Project ends at just after 9pm!

I have butterflies: we know we can make our goal, we are so close! And what if we don’t make our goal? Well, the people that pledged will always be remembered as loyal supporters and green-hearted wonders (but their credit cards will not be charged.) We will simply continue on with our mission, regardless: making sure every home gets effective solar air heaters working on it!

And if we Do reach our goal? More people will learn about solar air heaters, More people will get involved and our air will get cleaner faster!


Two, 4’x8′ screen-design closed-loop Solar Air Heaters, operated by the Okapi 2.i System, help keep this old farmhouse warm during the cold months of the year.


Do you want less pollution? Do you want a healthier future for your kids? Then stop burning oil, wood and electricity on sunny days! It is so simple and you can easily get a solar air heater working on your home, too!

We came out of the wood-work in early September, 2013. No one really knew what we had been up to because it had been top-secret up until late August of this year! We had been feverishly working on writing our patent for “Okapi”: the first and only intelligent fan control system for solar air heaters.

We had been living like hermits. Suddenly, during the past two months we became very public and very social. What a glorious change in lifestyle!

We have been out to great gatherings: like the Tech Social, Small Business Week Social, Inventors’ Day and many great private talks and meetings with forward thinking folks. It has been so much fun making many new friends, learning about so many others that have been living sustainably already! What wonderful humans there are everywhere!

I am very thrilled to make numerous meaningful connections with such clever environmentalists. There are millions of people working to change this world for the better: organic gardeners, environmental activists, tree-huggers, clean-technology inventors, climate-change supporters, fossil-fuel dependence therapists… I am so happy to find these free-thinkers! These people are changing this world.

These people are working to save your children’s future!

The sustainability lifestyle is very attractive. It gives back to you everyday. It gives you that meaning and purpose you have been searching for in life! I am so inspired to do so much more. As soon as you get involved, you will also experience this revitalizing feeling of empowerment flowing through you.


I want to build a greenhouse!

I want to grow and preserve my own vegetables!

I want to grow my own herbs!

I want to build a chicken coop and raise our own chickens, meat and eggs!

I want to make my own clothes; wash them with a new, energy efficient washer and hang them out to dry on the line or in my “Okapi-controlled solar-air-heater Outdoors Clothes-Drier”!

I want to have solar home-heating!

I want solar water heating!

I want solar electricity!

I want to live off the grid!

I want cleaner air and a healthier environment.

I want your kids to be able to breathe in the future.

We will be having an open-house soon, our own Solar House-Warming Party.

You are invited. We look forward to meeting you. We look forward to starting more green projects. We look forward to helping you get solar air heaters on your home and providing you with the best fan control system for them. We look forward to attending Your Solar House-Warming party!


The time has come for us all to be able to breathe easier.

I look forward to your comments!

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